About Us
Robert L. Owen Elementary School was opened on Feburary 14, 1949. At the time students were housed in prefab buildings. In September of 1952 our permanent building was opened. The school serviced the neighborhood for 39 years before being closed in June 1988. After 13 years and major remodeling in August of 2001 Tulsa Public Schools reopend Owen Elementary. 

Today we service 500+ students in pre-kindergarten through 6th grade. Our student body is made up of 48% Hispanic, 29% Caucasian, 10% multi-ethnicity, 8% African American, and 5% Native American.  We have two full day pre-kindergartens, three kindergartens, three 1st grades, three 2nd grades, four 3rd grades, three 4th grades, two 5th grades, and two 6th grades.

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